Monday, December 8, 2008

Cuellar in Southern Texas

Guerreo, Tampaulipas Church partially under waters of Falcon Dam

Dora MARTINEZ CUELLAR was the daughter of Cecilio MARTINEZ and Celia CUELLAR.

The lineage of Celia CUELLAR can be easily traced back to Martin CUELLAR and Salome CASAS who were married in 1835.

The ancestral lineage of Martin CUELLAR and Salome CASAS can be found in the lineage that goes back to the Lizarraras y Cuellar family.

In 1750 Vicente Guerra Canamar was authorized by Escandon to bring 40 families from Monterrey, NL to Revilla (Viejo Guerrero) to establish a Spanish settlement in Nuevo Santander. In 1952 Viejo Guerrero was submerged under Falcon Lake when the Falcon Dam was constructed. The Lizarraras y Cuellar family was among the first settlers to the area in Southern Texas.

This means that the ancestors of Dora MARTINEZ CUELLAR inhabited the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and northern Mexico since 1750. This means before ...
  • 1776 - US declared its independence from England
  • 1810 - Mexico declared its independence from Spain
  • 1836 - Texas became independence from Mexico
  • 1845 - US invaded Mexico
  • 1861 - US fought the Civil War
  • 1867 - Emperor Maximiliano was executed in Mexico ending the French Intervention
  • 1910 - Mexico fought a Revolution
  • 1917 - US entered World War I
  • 1941 - US entered World War II

Friday, December 5, 2008

Jimenez in the Military

Every Jimenez generation has contributed numerous soldiers to the US military.

  • Pedro Jimenez
    WWI - Army Registration Card
    Mexican citizen

    • Emeterio Jimenez (Son of Pedro Jimenez)
      Army of Occupation, 1945, Germany
      WWII - Army

      • Yolanda Jimenez (Granddaughter of Pedro Jimenez)
        Married an Army Medics Instructor
        Viet Nam War
      • Rosario Jimenez (Granddaughter of Pedro Jimenez)
        Married a Navy man and then a Marine
        Viet Nam War

        • Clarisa Lozano (Great Granddaughter of Pedro Jimenez)
          Serving on the USS Eisenhower (CVN 69)
          Gulf War II - Navy
      • Gerardo Jimenez (Grandson of Pedro Jimenez)
        Served on the USS T. Roosevelt (CVN 71)
        Gulf War I - Navy
      • Imelda Jimenez (Granddaughter of Pedro Jimenez)
        Married a Navy man
        Viet Nam War
    • Manuel Jimenez (Son of Pedro Jimenez)
      Army of Occupation, 1945, Germany
      WWII - Army
    • Roberto Jimenez (Son of Pedro Jimenez)
      PFC HQ Co, 296 Infantry
      WWII - Army

Ancestor Seeker - Jimenez

March 21, 2008 Report

Bernardino JIMENEZ
Was probably born 1829 in Rancho del Refugio, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
His wife, Paulina OLIVARES was probably born in 1833.

Her parents were Leandro OLIVARES and Victoriana MATA

Some of the children of Bernardino and Paulina
Alejandra born on 20mar1851 in La Cruz, SLP, Mx (near Cedral)
Emeterio born 8mar1866 in El Coyote, SLP, Mx (near Matehuala)
Jose Luis born 19aug1868 in Sacramento, SLP, MX (near Matehuala)
Austacio born 25feb1873 in Rinconuela, SLP, MX (near Matehuala)

This report includes data of 1 family residing in 5 locations (5 ranchos) in San Luis Potosi, Mx:
  • Rancho del Refugio
  • La Cruz (Cedral)
  • El Coyote (Matehuala)
  • Sacramento (Matehuala)
  • Rinconuela (Matehuala)

Un Peso de la Revolucion, 1914, Banco de SLP